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Espresso Single/Double

Strong black coffee made by forcing steam through ground coffee beans

IDR 35K/40K

Long Black / Ice

The Long Black is made by pouring hot water into the cup, then topped by espresso on top

IDR 41 K


Coffee comes by mixing espresso with milk.

IDR 28 K

Cappuchino / Ice

A cappuccino is an espresso drink with steamed milk, milk foam and espresso.

IDR 35 K

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Cafe Latte / Ice

A coffee drink of Italian origin made with espresso and steamed milk

IDR 41K/ IDR 46K

Avocado Espresso

A premium drink variant with an avocado flavor base that is harmoniously combined with Espresso and Latte flavors


Bali Coffee

A new addition to the premium gourmet coffee market with the rich aroma, a smoky (wood) flavor, and full body


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Non Coffee

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Juice at Coffee Bar

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Orange / Lime / Watermelon

Two bun burgers with chicken patty, tomato, cucumber, onion, and french-fries.

IDR 23 K

Pineapple / Papaya

Two bun burgers with beef patty, tomato, cucumber, onion, and french-fries.

IDR 23 K

Avocado / Mango / Banana

Two slices of bread with tomato, cucumber, onion, egg, ham, cheese, lettuce, and french-fries.

IDR 28 K

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