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Puri Boga Restaurant Is A Collective Of Amazing People Striving To Build Delightful Cuisine.

Since our modest beginnings in 1986 with a little space in Nusa Dua, Puri Boga Restaurant‘s development has been enlivened with the energy to cook and serve solid Indonesian, Asian, and European-roused takeout food. In contrast to other eateries, Puri Boga Restaurant was made with the explicit expectation to appear as something else.

We realize numerous individuals are confused about finding the right restaurant with good taste.  For this reason, Puri Boga Restaurant is present in the middle of a tourist area in Bali where everyone can easily reach it.

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Our menu highlights things that utilization the sound and fragrant flavors. However, we do not forget the spreading oil and overwhelming cream. And also, you can find our menu on the GoStore, GoFood, SopheeFood, and GrabFood applications for food orders with delivery services.


Puri Boga Restaurant has developed originally Nusa Dua and now superb growth in Canggu. Moreover, we develop other restaurants and cafes in Canggu Bali as our bases plan.  In addition, our owner takes pride in the way that we can furnish our new and faithful clients. It is because of our extraordinary tasting cuisine nourishment that is not normal for that at some other restaurant eatery you visit.

Likewise, we perceive that a few people are as yet searching for run-of-the-mill foods, and that is fine with us. Our disclaimer is that on the off chance that you’re anticipating good food on your vacation in Bali, Puri Boga Restaurant is the perfect place for you.

Puri Boga Restaurant Affiliation

We have realized that the name Puri Boga is a common name in Indonesia. Therefore, many restaurant names take the same name as ours. However, it is very different. Our restaurant is a private company that is only affiliated with some of the branches and parent companies listed on this website. Meanwhile, apart from that that we have no relationship with those out there. So, Puri Boga Restaurant only has a relationship with the following companies.

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Puri Boga Restaurant

Address: Jl. Raya Tumbak Bayuh, Br. Tiying Tutul Tumbak Bayuh, Desa Tumbak Bayuh, Kec. Mengwi, Kab. Badung, Bali, Indonesia – 80351
Telp: +62 81236644506

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The Tunjung Boutique Resort

Address: Jl. Raya Tumbak Bayuh, Br. Tiying Tutul Tumbak Bayuh, Desa Tumbak Bayuh, Kec. Mengwi, Kab. Badung, Bali, Indonesia – 80351
Telp: +62 81246645640

Our Chefs

Made Yasa Saputra


Riski Sutawan


Nyoman Astawa

Restaurant Manager

Dek Gus

Barista & Bartender

Looking For Management Interns

Restaurant Amenities

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Free WiFi

Smoking Zone



What our customer say?

"Every time we eat at this restaurant, the chef always delivers great food. We always want to eat here and thank you for the service."
- Shamika Smith​

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