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Huationg Contractor Group is a customer who enjoys team-building activities in cooking competitions. This game is part of the team-building activity agenda, which is the flagship product of the Bali Group Organizer. Meanwhile, Puri Boga Restaurant, one of their vendors, provides this service and supports all activities on that day. Furthermore, the group of 52 participants who came from Malaysia were very enthusiastic about this exciting activity. This cooking competition leads them to a fun experience. The game master challenged them to make Balinese dishes that they had never made before. This is a fun and unique activity on the incentive trip agenda to Bali.

Balinese Cooking Competition

In keeping with the theme of a vacation to Bali, Huationg Contractor Group has chosen the competition’s theme to cook Balinese cuisine. Therefore, the Chef from Puri Boga Restaurant has prepared a unique recipe for them. Likewise, the game master has turned this into a new challenge for those who have never cooked Balinese food. Meanwhile, the location where we held this event was at a royal palace in Bongkasa village. The palace is full of Balinese-style decorations in every building. Every building in this palace has Balinese architecture and looks very beautiful. For this reason, it is very appropriate that this event will run with several stages of cooking as their challenge.

Three Courses on Cooking Competition

The game master gives three challenges to each group. They must complete three dishes, from appetizer and main course to dessert. Meanwhile, we have prepared a chef in each group to help them in this activity. Our chef will guide and monitor them during this cooking competition. Furthermore, each team must be able to display the dishes they have made. They also have to learn food plating before showing it to the jury. So, this is a unique activity and deserves a group incentive trip to Bali.

All Chefs Dress in Balinese

This is an honor for Balinese culture, where all our chefs are dressed in Balinese customs. It’s not like they usually wear a chef’s uniform. To that end, it is a perfect blend of Balinese culture and incentive group activities. This group event activity is a reference for those traveling to Bali with a group who want to hold unique activities on your tour agenda.

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Event Details

  • Start Date 13 November, 2023
  • Start Time 11:00
  • End Date 13 November, 2023
  • End Time 12:30
  • Location Puri Banyuning Bongkasa